Welcome to our range of radiators for sale.  As a vital fixture of any modern home, having access to high-quality radiators of the correct specification is an important part of any residential building project.  At Newline Building Products, we have a long reputation of only supplying well-made, reliable products, and the Henrad radiators Fraserburgh developers can order from us are no exception.  What’s more, these models are available in a wide range of specs, so you’re certain to be able to find the size you need.  Check out the table below for more details.  Read on to find out more about radiator types and sizes.


For decades now, radiators have been the standard way for central heating to be installed in most new homes or other buildings.  This is because these devices, besides offering a high degree of thermal efficiency, are convenient in that they offer many ways for householders and installers to tailor their use to the property.  This, in turn, has led innovative radiator manufacturers like Henrad to design units which afford added flexibility to make it easier to find the right radiator for any application. 


A well-planned central heating system makes use of the principles of thermodynamics to ensure each radiator is effectively sited.  Installing a radiator beneath a window will create a rising current of warm air, preventing loss of heat through the pane.  In other instances, convenience may dictate the best location for a unit – for example, in an alcove off a narrow hallway.


It is for the purpose of pursuing this convenience as far as possible that we offer such a wide range of heating radiators for sale.  Fraserburgh is, after all, a part of the world where a good heating system is vitally important for people to be able to get on with their lives all year round.  The housing stock is quite varied in this area, so we sell units of various dimensions to give developers a choice of locations within each room.  Meanwhile, by providing different thicknesses, we can give you access to products which are capable of heating large spaces while taking up very little of the wall surface.


How does this work?  Aside from the length and height of each product (given below in millimetres), many models allow you to choose the thickness of the radiator.  Rather than a measurement, thicknesses are classed as either K1, P+ or K2, depending on how the unit is constructed.  K1 models are made up of a single flat panel with one set of convection fins.  These are the single panel radiators Fraserburgh builders and heating engineers use in small spaces which do not require much heat output, such as hallways.  Their low profile mean they can be installed even when space is limited.  K2 radiators are like two K1 types joined back-to-back, and offer a much greater heat output for large rooms and areas with high traffic.  With double panel radiators Fraserburgh homes can survive the harsh chill of winter.


What if circumstances dictate that an intermediate specification is needed?  Our P+ radiator Fraserburgh installers can order from us have the double panels of a K2 type, but only one set of convection fins, making them slimmer overall.  The wide range of options in the table below mean it will usually be easy to find just what you are looking for, but if you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact our team.


To see the sizes we have in stock, see the table below.

K1 – Single Panel with a single set of convection fins
K2 – Double panel with a double set of convection fins
P+ – Double panel with a single set of convection fins

Stock sizes are marked with an [X]

Size (H x W) [mm] K1 K2 P+
300 x 1500   X  
450 x 600   X  
450 x 700 X X X
450 x 800 X X  
450 x 900 X X X
450 x 1000 X X X
450 x 1100 X   X
450 x 1200 X X X
450 x 1400   X  
450 x 1600   X  
450 x 1800 X X  
450 x 2000 X X  
450 x 3000   X  
600 x 400 X X X
600 x 500 X X X
600 x 600 X X X
600 x 700 X X X
600 x 800 X X X
600 x 900 X X X
600 x 1000 X X X
600 x 1100 X X X
600 x 1200 X X X
600 x 1400 X X X
600 x 1600 X X X
600 x 1800 X X  
600 x 2000 X    
700 x 400 X X X
700 x 500 X X X
700 x 600 X X X
700 x 700 X X X
700 x 800 X X X
700 x 900 X X X
700 x 1000 X X X
700 x 1100 X X X
700 x 1200 X X X
700 x 1400 X X X
700 x 1600 X   X
700 x 2000   X  






































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