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At Newline Building Products, we are a builder’s merchants based in Fraserburgh, servicing the northeast of Scotland. We are also able to supply decking materials, including Ultrashield composite decking to customers across the whole of the UK.

Traditionally used on ships, decking is a great solution for flooring for an outside area. With the nature of a ship’s deck meaning that it needs to withstand the elements, decking for the outdoor area of your property is not only impervious to the weather, but also stable and attractive. Easy to maintain, our decking is constructed from high-quality materials, which should stand the test of time for years to come. Whether for a patio area, a sun garden, or as a play area, decking is a great way to enhance your property.

When it comes to timber for decking, we believe there are two options which are the most suitable, including redwood decking and Ultrashield composite decking. Redwood timber decking is the traditional option, being both attractive and resilient, it can still look great twenty or even thirty years down the line. The second premium – Ultrashield composite decking boards – are made from a wood-plastic composite, making them strong, environmentally friendly and low-maintenance. Due to its material properties, it won’t rot or be prey to insects, and it is also fire-resistant.

In addition to the decking itself, we also supply accessories such as handrails and spindles for balustrades, and stains and preservative materials.  We can also include decking boards with anti-slip strips installed. To find out more about redwood decking, Ultrashield grey composite decking boards, and other available colours and options, please get in touch today and we will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have for us.




Decking is one of the most flexible options when it comes to making the most of the outdoor areas of your property. Stable, attractive, and impervious to the weather, competently assembled and well maintained decking constructed from high quality decking materials can be expected to last decades. Many householders have found that decking areas make great patios, sun gardens, and play areas for youngsters and pets.

At Newline Building Products we aim to give our customers the choice of the finest quality materials, and when it comes to timber for decking there are two options which are considered to be head and shoulders above the rest.

Redwood Decking

Redwood timber decking is the traditional way of erecting sturdy raised outdoor areas in many localities.  Both attractive and resilient, when looked after properly it will still look its best in twenty or even thirty years’ time.  Besides the redwood decking timber itself, we keep a stock of accessories including handrails and spindles for balustrades, and stains and preservative materials.  Decking boards with anti-slip strips installed can be supplied to order.

32 x 118 x 4800 mm [plain board] (in stock)
26 x 118 x 4800 mm [anti-slip] (to order)

Baserail 32 x 78 mm (in stock)
Handrail 34 x 77 mm (in stock)
Blank Spindle 41 x 41 x 895 mm (in stock)
Chamfered Spindle 41 x 41 x 895 mm (in stock)

The other premium option comes in the form of Ultrashield composite decking boards. Manufactured from a wood-plastic composite, these relatively new products are strong, environmentally friendly and low maintenance. With no need to sand, stain or seal these boards at any time, Ultrashield composite decking has quickly become a favourite among homeowners and developers alike. High plastic content means it will not rot or invite insect attack. And thanks to the fire resistant properties of Ultrashield composite decking UK housing associations and holiday parks recommend it for holiday homes. For more information, view the product brochure below.

Composite Decking
23 x 138 x 4800 mm [Grey] (in stock)
All other colours are taken in to order only

Locking Clips [50 pack] (in stock)
Fixing Clips [250 pack] (in stock)
Starter Clips [250 pack] (in stock)
UPVC C Channel (in stock)


Composite Decking Brochure 2018


To find out more about Ultrashield grey composite decking boards and the other colours and options available, contact Newline Building Products today. Our other timber products can be found under framing, sheet materials and fencing.

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