Plastic Guttering

Here at Newline Building Products, we operate as a building merchants, supplying all you could need to undertake a range of building projects, whether for in interior or exterior of a property. Based in Fraserburgh, one such area we can help with is guttering supplies.


We have all the materials you need for a plastic guttering system. Whether you require some materials for a gutter downpipe, a standard gutter or deep-flow gutter, we are sure to have something to suit your requirements. We provide plastic guttering from PolyPipe in a varity of different colours, with different sizes available for both guttering and downpipe use. We can include matching fittings in your order.


Guttering systems work on the exterior of a building, collecting rainwater to take it away from the interior, so it can be disposed of safety. In Britain, the standard material for guttering is plastic, so it is considered a requirement when it comes to new installations. These projects from PolyPipe are made from uPVC and designed to be push-fit, but it is also possible o solvent weld it, if you choose to do so.


For more information about our guttering materials or any other products, please get in touch with us by completing our online contact form or by emailing us at one of the relevant email addresses listed. Alternatively, you can call us on one of the numbers listed and a member of our team will be pleased to help you with any queries you may have for us.


Standard Half-Round Gutter (112 mm)

  • 2m – Brown
  • 2m – Grey
  • 2m – Black
  • 4m – Brown
  • 4m – Gray
  • 4m – Black

Fittings for 112 mm & 117 Gutter

  • Gutter union
  • Gutter 90 deg corner
  • Gutter 135 deg corner

Standard Round Downpipe (68 mm)

  • 2.5 m – Brown
  • 2.5 m – Grey
  • 2.5 m -Black
  • 4 m – Brown
  • 4 m – Grey
  • 4 m – Black

Deep-flow Gutter (117 mm)
Avaible in the following lengths and colours.

  • 3 m – Brown
  • 3 m – Grey
  • 3 m – Black 
  • 4 m – Brown#
  • 4 m – Grey
  • 4 m – Black
  • Gutter running outlet
  • Gutter internal/external end 
  • Gutter fascia brackets

Fittings for 68 mm Downpipe.
Available in brown, grey, black.

  • Downpipe straight connector
  • Downpipe bracket
  • Downpipe 112.5 deg bend
  • Downpipe Shoe
  • Downpipe 112.5 deg branch
  • Downpipe standard hopper head
  • Downpipe 92.5 deg offset bend

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