Plastic Guttering

Are you looking for high quality guttering materials at competitive pricing?  Getting the plastic guttering right on your property can make all the difference for avoiding problems in the future.  Or, if you are having problems with your polypipe plastic guttering, it might be time to replace the guttering and solve the problem.  Having good quality plastic guttering can make all the difference in avoiding problems with damp, flooding and water damage to properties in Fraserburgh and the surrounding areas.


For the best choice of guttering materials, Fraserburgh customers need look no further than the experts at Newline Building Products.  We sell all the guttering pipes and fittings Fraserburgh property owners need to repair, replace or install guttering systems.


There are many options for fittings, as well as different types of guttering materials.  Fraserburgh homeowners need not worry.  Instead of searching for ‘guttering supplies near me’ and getting lost in pages of contradictory advice on the internet, contact the team using the online form, or by visiting our store.  Our team of construction experts would be happy to help you choose the right products for your property.


Whether you need the best plastic guttering Fraserburgh has to offer, or an entirely new gutter downpipe, Fraserburgh property owners will not find a better choice for guttering supplies than we provide at Newline Building Products.  From fittings to downpipes, leaf covers to polypipe plastic guttering, Fraserburgh homeowners will find all the supplies, materials and advice they need in one location.  Visit today to see how we can help with your plastic guttering needs.

Standard Half-Round Gutter (112 mm)

  • 2m – Brown
  • 2m – Grey
  • 2m – Black
  • 4m – Brown
  • 4m – Gray
  • 4m – Black

Fittings for 112 mm & 117 Gutter

  • Gutter union
  • Gutter 90 deg corner
  • Gutter 135 deg corner

Standard Round Downpipe (68 mm)

  • 2.5 m – Brown
  • 2.5 m – Grey
  • 2.5 m -Black
  • 4 m – Brown
  • 4 m – Grey
  • 4 m – Black

Deep-flow Gutter (117 mm)
Avaible in the following lengths and colours.

  • 3 m – Brown
  • 3 m – Grey
  • 3 m – Black 
  • 4 m – Brown#
  • 4 m – Grey
  • 4 m – Black
  • Gutter running outlet
  • Gutter internal/external end 
  • Gutter fascia brackets

Fittings for 68 mm Downpipe.
Available in brown, grey, black.

  • Downpipe straight connector
  • Downpipe bracket
  • Downpipe 112.5 deg bend
  • Downpipe Shoe
  • Downpipe 112.5 deg branch
  • Downpipe standard hopper head
  • Downpipe 92.5 deg offset bend

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