Central Heating Suppliers

Having a reliable central heating system is key to staying warm over the winter. We supply a variety of central heating systems including boilers, copper cylinders and stainless steel unvented cylinders. Whether you’re looking to replace your existing boiler or upgrade to a more efficient system, we can supply exactly what you need. Take a look below at the range of systems we can offer.

We supply boilers from the following suppliers:

We also stock a small number of accessories such as flue kits for the boilers we provide. To find out which boilers we stock, please ask in store.


We supply both copper and stainless steel cylinders from McDonald Engineers, along with immersion heaters and thermostats to fit.

Copper Cylinders (Direct)

  • 900 x 450 mm
  • 1050 x 400 mm
  • 1050 x 450 mm
  • 1200 x 450 mm

Copper Cylinders (Indirect)

  • 900 x 450 mm
  • 1050 x 450 mm
  • 1200 x 450 mm

Unvented Cylinders – Steelflow 

  • Indirect 180 litre
  • Indirect 210 litre
  • Indirect 300 litre

Immersion Heaters 
Available in the following lengths:

  • 11″ 
  • 18″ 
  • 27″



Here at Newline Building Products, we operate throughout the north-east of Scotland as a builders’ merchants. As part of our range of products and services, we are also proud to be central heating boiler suppliers, based in Fraserburgh.


Central heating is essential to any home, especially those in the north-east of Scotland, allowing the occupants to keep warm during the autumn and winter months. As part of our range of central heating systems, we offer not only boilers, but copper cylinders and stainless-steel unvented cylinders.


If you have a new property, we can install an efficient and reliable central heating system. Alternatively, if you have an old boiler, we are able to replace your existing one and upgrade you with whichever system you prefer.


When it comes to boilers, we supply systems from Worcester, Firebird and Warmflow, as well as some boiler accessories, including flue kits (a duct or pipe for the expulsion of exhaust gases from your heating system to the outside).


As mentioned, we offer the option of either copper or stainless-steel cylinders, which are from the brand McDonald Engineers. We supply these along with fitted immersion heaters and thermostats. As central heating equipment suppliers, we offer direct and indirect copper cylinders, as well as Stelflow unvented cylinders. Additionally, we offer immersion heaters, which are electric units that heat the liquid in which it is immersed.


Whether you’re looking for heating radiators for sale or central heating parts suppliers in Fraserburgh, for more information about our central heating equipment, get in touch and we will be pleased to help you in any way we can.

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